Portishead... Is The Album Done?

We are getting closer and closer to the inevitable completion of the third full-length studio album from Portishead. Geoff Barrow has continued to keep fans posted as the band inches to the finish line on their official blog. On his most recent entry, he mentioned that they are one day away from wrapping up the recording process. Since this was posted yesterday, could it be done?

Barrow said: "We went to "London for a fews days to finish up. We worked in molko 9 back in ~ Bristol now working on some art work and getting the live stuff together. I think one more day messing about with it and it will be done. Then into the wonderful world of mastering.. [joke] also the amazing MADLIB is playing with us at ATP and I'm putting a footy team together for a little 6 a side comp for a laugh."


Portishead... Is The Album Done?