Liars Hand Out Free Demos

It's no secret that I swooned at the sadistic mercy of Liars' recent self-titled nugget of dementia, and why the balls not? The intercontinental trio lead by Angus Andrew, the "Big Unit" of the rock world, have just made the demo recordings of their outlandish studio sessions available online for free, which we all know, is the new buy. Fans can lift four chilling skeletons of what became legitimate Liars tunes (including all of the shuddersome favorites: "Cycle Time," "House Clouds," "Pure Unevil," and "Plaster Casts Of Everything") by giving Mute Records their blood type, zip code and social security number right here.

"Cycle Time" delivers a towering collision of psychotic vocals and nightmare cymbals that drudge along a thunderclap of guitars and keys that only Beelzebub himself can truly admire. "I wanna scratch that eyeball too," Angus sings, and the groundwork of this version undoubtedly pokes the sights with icky fingers of brassy fury. "House Clouds" and "Pure Unevil" walk away like that cheerleader from Heroes, virtually unscathed, as demonically attractive as the final album versions while the repetitive wail on "Plaster Casts" wobbles and rips with a more hysterical immediacy than the album. The screeching guitars emulate the despicable sirens and paranoid echoes of madness that the ATF blasted at David Koresh's Branch Davidian Compound in Waco Texas on April 19, 1993.

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Liars Hand Out Free Demos