Download - The Rapture "The Sound (Max Pask Horror Show Mix)"

Two days ago we brought you news of the download for The Rapture's "The Sound (Back To 95) Remix." The vinyl single comes out November 26 through the band's own imprint label, Throne of Blood. We just got some more information on the release, and thought we would share it with you, as well as include another download.

According to a memo from the band, "On the a-side is the absolutely smashing "Back To 95" remix by Ben Trucker from Gucci Soundsystem (Output, Bugged Out, Death From Abroad). Hot on the heels of the "Acarpenter" 12" on DFA's new sublabel, Ben's back with a mental treatment that smashes together Matt Safer's vocals, a killer nu-disco arpeggio, and some storming rave breaks. Having rocked dancefloors on CD-R for months now, we know how well this one goes over. Trust us, it's a true party jam."

"On the flip, there's a devastating and dark mix courtesy of veteran NYC DJ and producer Max Pask, who routinely rocks dancefloors from NYC to Paris, Ghent and Berlin alongside the likes of his good friends Soulwax and Tiefschwarz. For his latest remix, he's channeled a diverse set of influences, from dark electro to new beat and turned in a tripped-out "Horror Show" mix that drops the vocals from the original deep in the mix, washed out in echoes and reverb."

"The Sound (Max Pask Horror Show Mix)" MP3

The Rapture - "The Sound"

A1) "The Sound (Ben Trucker's Back To 95 Mix)"
B1) "The Sound (Max Pask Horror Show Mix)"
B2) "The Sound (Original)"

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Download - The Rapture "The Sound (Max Pask Horror Show Mix)"