Something For Rockets Make Out With Lonelygirl15

Do you happen to remember the "internet phenomenon" that was lonelygirl15? To refresh your memory, it was (or apparently still is) a web-based video series based around the life of a character named Bree. For a brief moment people thought that "Bree" was a real chick who was videoblogging her life, but alas, she was an actress.

Now, why in the hell am I talking about lonelygirl15? We actually do have a good reason, as Something For Rockets have teamed up with the web series to premier the band's new song, "Beautiful Life." It premiered yesterday on MySpace as well as on the show's official website.

Apparently, the band is going to make their entire new album, One Track Mind, available for free download through this weekend. It isn't posted yet, so keeping checking their MySpace. Or, you could help the guys out and just buy the new record on iTunes. Even rock & rollers have to pay the rent.

Something For Rockets

Something For Rockets Make Out With Lonelygirl15