The Tripwire Podcast 031

00:00:02    Elevator Suite "How Does It Feel?" (Pure Mint)

00:04:01    The Mabuses "Mirth" (unsigned)

00:07:10    Drug Rug "Day I Die" (Black & Greene)

00:10:17    Oasis "Lord Don't Slow Me Down" (Big Brother)

00:13:28    You & The Atom Bomb "Heads And Tails" (Sink & Stove)

00:18:04    Oliver Future "Drowning Parade" (Fireproof)

00:23:10    Georgie James "Need Your Needs" (Saddle Creek)

00:26:32    Athlete "Hurricane" (Astralwerks)

00:29:37    Matt Pond PA "Basement Parties" (Altitude)

00:32:25    The Pooh Sticks "Cool In A Crisis" (Seed) (1995)

00:35:41    The A-Sides "We're The Trees" (Vagrant)

00:39:54    3BobNation "My Best Friend's Girlfriend" (unsigned)

00:43:31    break one

00:49:45    Lee Bob Watson "Living In The Past" (Grass Roots)

00:53:10    Some Velvet Morning "Losing My Mind" (Rhythmbank)

00:56:49    Alamo Race Track "The Northern Territory" (Minty Fresh)

01:00:56    Rails To Russia "I Shot The Killer" (unsigned)

01:04:26    The Go! Team "Grip Like A Vice" (Sub Pop)

01:08:23    White Williams "New Violence" (Tigerbeat6)

01:10:59    Mother And The Addicts "So Tough" (Chemikal Underground)

01:14:11    Voxhaul Broadcast "The Backrooms" (Retone/Leftwing)

01:16:52    Shocking Pinks "This Aching Deal" (EMI/DFA)

01:19:10    Wild Light "New Year's Eve" (unsigned)

01:24:12    The Thrills "This Year" (Virgin UK)

01:26:59    Washington Social Club "Diamond Hipster Boy" (unsigned)

01:29:32    break two

01:33:53    Santa Marias "Out Of Control" (unsigned)


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The Tripwire Podcast 031