Anyway You Choose To Give It

When I listen to the sizzlin' new EP Anyway You Choose To Give It from The Black Ghosts, I feel deathly sorry for anybody without the luxury of owning an operational pair of feet. Simon Lord, formerly of Simian (pre-Mobile Disco) and Theo Keeting, who used to electrocute clubs with The Wiseguys, have purchased a spooky set of pitch black hoodies with pulsating crystal skulls on the side and dawned the sinister namesake The Black Ghosts.

On October 30 the freak genius imprint IAMSOUND will bust out this 4-song boner that pokes back to the 80's erotic pop era when West End Girls, some bigger than others, slithered into bathroom stalls like Karma Chameleons only to overdose on Candy and fall crashing down through a Heart Of Glass.

The front half of songs on this bombastic appetizer are fierce, radiating like a horny asteroid through a bleak starless night, while the bottom whips back to the beguiling beauty of hidden club full of smoke and lights where everything is invisible and everyone glistens with hormones and sweat.

With remixes for Justice, Gossip, Charlotte Gainsbourg under their proficient producer belt, The Black Ghosts are burning more land than the bustling inferno currently enveloping Southern California. Check both thirty-minute sonic sessions on the Southern Fried Records podcast and fall hopelessly in lust with The Black Ghosts, who should have simply rolled under the uber posh banner: Lord and Keating, which I guess sounds more like a stinky British cologne than a prodigious dance unit.

Any Way You Choose To Give It

The Black Ghosts

Anyway You Choose To Give It