A Night At The Ritz

Warning: OFFICE's A Night At the Ritz is pop music. But it's not 'typical pop music' as much as it is 'sick fuck pop music.' Its typical pop because of the prominent rhythms, the 'I'm going to be stuck in your head all damn day' melodies, and how hard it is to remain still while listening. Its sick fuck pop music because of Scott Masson's lyrics. In "Oh My" the first verse is about a date with an obsessed Tori Amos fan (enough said), and the second verse is about lovers firing guns at each other as they gaze into each other's eyes and climax (yes, you read that correctly). What's brilliant about "Oh My" is that, despite its dark lyrics, it's an upbeat, sexy, infectious pop song. The title song has this same contradiction.

While trying to figure out how to describe the band's sound I kept thinking of a dialogue a friend and I often have while getting ready to go out. One of us will ask, "Is my outfit too '80s?" and the other will reply, "It's so '80s it's NOW." Take this analogy and then imagine Brian Eno and Gary Numan picking out our outfits while listening to Buddy Holly's "Rave On"...OFFICE sounds something like this.

"Company Calls" has double-stops, a bass line that comes in and out, and male-female harmonizing making it one fine ass pop song and a stand out on the album. The final song, "Suburban Perfume," is acoustic and drips of nostalgia. Songs like "Dominoes" and "The Big Bang Jump" won't appeal to the people who have had their arms crossed at shows for the last five years, but the people who like to uncross their arms and shake their asses will appreciated these pop gems.

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A Night At The Ritz