Jon Spencer Blues Explosion To Release Singles Compilation

Without a doubt, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion were one of the coolest bands on the planet during their heyday. Orange and Now I Got Worry are masterpieces of gritty rock & roll, with a sneaky hint of pop and a dash of humor to set their sound over the edge. No other frontman could ever get away with shouting "take a whiff of my pant leg baby."

The garage/punk label In The Red will be releasing JSBX's compilation of singles, Jukebox Explosion, which will feature some rare A and B sides as well as outtakes of previously released singles in the series. This is eighteen tracks of Blues Explosion, meaning this is eighteen tracks of howling, dirty rock & roll. It is available now, so do yourself a favor a pick up a copy.

Jukebox Explosion
01. "Shirt Jac"
02. Son Of Sam"
03. "Train #3"
04. "Caroline"
05. "Naked"
06. "Push Some Air"
07. "Get With It"
08. "Showgirl Pts 1&2"
09. "Ghetto Mom"
10. "Latch On"
11. "Bent"
12. "Curfew Blues"
13. "Train #1"
14. "Jailhouse Blues"
15. "Fat"
16. "Low Down"
17. "Do Ya Wanna Get It"
18. "Dig My Shit"

Blues Explosion

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion To Release Singles Compilation