The Pyramids Unleash Debut Album

Two of the three that make up The Archie Bronson Outfit came together earlier this year to form a new group, The Pyramids. Their debut album, The Pyramids, is being released today on Domino Records in the UK, and features ten rockin' tracks. Seriously, if you don't believe us peep the video for the first single, "Hunch Your Body, Love Somebody," below.

The Pyramids
01. "Pyramidy"
02. "White Disc Of Sun"
03. "Piblokoto"
04. "Hunch Your Body, Love Somebody"
05. "Festoons"
06. "Guitar Star"
07. "A Gala In The Harbour Of Your Heart"
08. "Empty Yourself"
09. "Manitou"
10. "Glue You"

"Hunch Your Body, Love Somebody"


The Pyramids Unleash Debut Album