Dodgy Postpones Reunion Tour

This information will most likely not matter to a vast majority of our readers, but for the hardcore anglophiles that frequent this site, I've got a bit of crap news. Back in June the classic Britpop group Dodgy, known for their insanely catchy hit "Staying Out For The Summer," announced that they were reuniting for a string of tour dates. This would have marked the first time the original lineup took the stage together since frontman Nigel Clark quit back in '98.

As luck would have it, guitarist Andy Miller fell out of his bed, chipping a bone in his left arm. Although he is okay, his doctors have told him not to play guitar for at least three weeks. Since their tour was supposed to already be underway, the band had no choice but to postpone the shows until early '08.

Matthew Priest posted the band news on their MySpace page, where he said: None of us can quite believe it. The day before our first show. I keep expecting Jeremy Beadle to pop out with a microphone. We all feel incredibly frustrated and despondent as the rehearsals last week were sounding absolutely amazing. The best we have ever sounded. We were all SO looking forward to these shows."

It should be noted that Miller's bed is an impressive six feet off the ground, about which Priest commented: "We are so sorry, but there's nothing we can do, apart from maybe buy Andy a Futon."

"Staying Out For The Summer"


Dodgy Postpones Reunion Tour