Attack Decay Sustain Release

Release Date: 09.11.07

Although heavy on the intergalactic sabotage, Attack Decay Sustain Release slithers into the senses with quite the snarky industrial strut, like how the great vampire Peter Murphy might walk out of a smoking U.F.O. All prickly and magnetic, like the swagger on "I Believe."

"It's The Beat" is what jumped out as the album's best dazzler, along with it's equally beautiful sister, "Hustler." With twin femme fatale vocals, these tracks stacked back to back pack as much heat as that hot mom Ali Larter from Heroes having a freestyle hip-hop off with Charlize Theron in her role as Florida's worst female hooker Alieen Wuornos with Special K from Breakin' looking on as the judge.

"I Got This Down Right" brings in them freak-a-deek Afrika Bambaataa synthesized vocals that wobble on the bent line of Pentium-insanity, like Daft Punk in their Darth Vader masks choking each other with an iPhone. This one has that kind of Fergie feel, that nasty (pre-knocked up) Christina Aguilera sauciness, that, once properly re-re-remixed by another fantabulous producing team, will surely burn floors of clubs from LES to the Castro District.

At only 36-minutes, this seems like a professional podcast, but ooh mama this ass flapper that will make your sassy ass pass out like Marie Osmond...on top of her nude brother, Donnie.

It's The Beat

Attack Decay Sustain Release