Download - Brad Laner "Out Cold"

If the name Brad Laner doesn't ring a bell, it should. His days in the great '90s shoegaze band Medicine created some mighty awesome music, including one of my personal favorite albums, The Buried Life. Although his post-Medicine music was released as Electric Company, he has now been working under his own name. His latest, Neighbor Singing, was released yesterday on Hometapes. For a sample, make sure you download his track "Out Cold" below.

Laner has also been busy working on the soundtrack to a documentary that we're quite interested in. The film, Beautiful Noise, chronicles this early '90s shoegaze movement, with Medicine being the only US band to appear in the documentary. The documentary will also include My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. Once more information pops up on this film, we'll let you know!

MP3 Download - "Out Cold"

Neighbor Singing
01. "Find Out"
02. "Out Cold"
03. "Lovely World"
04. "Vecino"
05. "Arlie"
06. "Alambres"
07. "June Gloom"
08. "April Bossa"
09. "Sure"
10. "Falling Time"
11. "From Inside"
12. "Circumscribe"

Bran Laner

Download - Brad Laner "Out Cold"