Grass Geysers...Carbon Clouds

Release Date: 10.09.07

It's been four years since Philly/Brooklyn magicians Enon pulled Hocus Pocus out from their Dr. Seuss hats. On October 9 the grand masters at Touch And Go knocked out Enon's fourth dance-riot-odyssey, Grass Geysers...Carbon Clouds, a great example of experimentation and devotion to the progression of independently created sound.

Enon have certainly broken the knob off of the weird-0-meter and plunged it directly into a spinning whirlwind of Le Tigre, Blues Explosion, Hüsker Dü and B-52,000's. Former Brainiac John Schmersal tosses an overcast axe grind on "Law Of Johnny Doolittle" like burning spears into a bulls eye of laughing chainsaws.

Many cut-up combos of botched adjectives endlessly spiral out of the intergalactic coil of this rascally Enon firecracker, which could have come from a flatulent Flood or stonddedded Steve Albini. Compu-Punk, nu-wave, space/metal, turbo|dance, speed=burst_of CARNAGE...that's fun to fuck to!

Without wanting to be glamorous, this album is insanely attractive. It's a scorn lover in search of a new pants prey in a dim lit stall of an underground washroom. Machines are great friends of Enon as this record is primed with dirtballs of electrifying processors and modulating amplifiers from the mouths of artsy robots. God bless the Touch And Go imprint with a gentle whap on the keyster. Atta boy.

"Dr. Freeze" MP3

Touch And Go

Grass Geysers...Carbon Clouds