The Cake Sale

I used to live and die on sampler albums and the chance to find that hidden gem. I still have a soft-spot in my heart for compilations so I decide to tackle this mostly Irish mishmash.

Wondering into a bazar of sound peddlers, I decided to spend my last bit of coin at The Cake Sale. It was to benefit free trade and to help fight poverty, injustice, and hunger. There was an air of excitement at finding that morsel that would tingle with sweet melodies and fill my audio-starved stomach. On the table was a list of bakers from celebrity shops (The Cardigans, Snowpatrol, Damien Rice) and my mouth began watering. Quickly shillings were on the table and nine mounds of sweet bread were mine.

Greedily I bit in to the "Last Leaf" only to find that it was a bit bland and quickly moved through the others at a hasty speed. Hitting "Some Surprise" there proved to have little of the title in the recipe. They all had been good but lacking variety. No fillings, no icing, just plain white cake. A handful of "Good Intentions Rust" moving down my throat reminded me that my crap-shoot was for a good cause and was determined to finish all the celebration bakes out of respect for who they were trying to help.

Finding that I was near full there was trepidation about wolfing down the last bit of "Aliens." To my delight it was indeed my favorite of the bunch, saving the best for last as the royal we would say. I walked down the cobble stone path full, but defiantly not wanting of seconds. Perhaps I'm more of a pie man. I can't say your experience will be the same, but it will be tax deductible nonetheless.

"Some Surprise"

The Cake Sale
Oxfam America
Yep Roc

The Cake Sale