Download - UNKLE "Psycho Pab's Def Mix" + Video

This was one great year for James Lavelle. He released a mighty kickass third album under the UNKLE moniker, War Stories, on his own new label, Surrender All. He also pieced together a live rock band to help make for UNKLE's first ever true live tour. To help commemorate this great year o' UNKLE, we've got a free download just for you of "Psycho Pab's Def Mix," which is essentially a megamix of the entire War Stories album. Yeah, you'll definitely want this one.

MP3 Download - "Psycho Pab's Def Mix"

While you're waiting for the download to finish up, you'd might as well watch the latest video from UNKLE, "Hold Man Hand." Why? Because it is damn good!

"Hold My Hand"


Download - UNKLE "Psycho Pab's Def Mix" + Video