The Mary Onettes

Release Date: 12.04.07

There is something to be said about Swedish musicians and doing their homework. It seems when they set their mind on something they see to it that it gets completed with the utmost bravado. I know I am generalizing, but think about it. The Hives epitomize the garage rock revival, The International Noise Conspiracy talked the talk and rocked the rock of socialist ideals and now The Mary Onettes prove that studying the bands I grew up on in the 80s provides a creative springboard on which to launch into plush melodic sonic landscapes.

Formed early on in the millenium and after releasing 3 E.P.s, signing to a major and then being dropped by the major almost in the same breathe, they finally found a comfortable home on Labrador. On this new debut self titled album standout tracks like "Lost", where if it was to "run along beside" Stephen Morris, Peter Hook, and Bernard Sumner "and never stop to look around" they probably would "see the world through [their] eyes", "Void" (the album's stand out track for me) seems to hop on a JetBlue flight to Berlin, ride on a Paris train and emerge in London rain, and "Slow" which makes me nostalgic for a time when I had 'true faith' in the world.

These songs have the power for you to lose sleep as Philip Ekströms' haunting melodies bounce around the recesses of your head. Unfortunately, though, as the album progresses it all starts to become too much awash with shimmer and shine which ultimately leaves me feeling nostalgic for the now.


"Lost" MP3

The Mary Onettes