Videos - Radiohead Live Webcast Performances

Most of our late afternoon on Friday was spent eyes glued to the computer screen watching the Radiohead Thumbs Down webcast. We already told you about when they covered Bjork's "Unravel," but during the webcast they also did their own renditions of New Order and The Smiths in addition to playing some of their own songs. We found them online, so peep what you didn't see earlier. Oh yeah, and if you were like us and was left missing their last song due to audio going out, we found out that it was "Videotape," and that performance is below as well. Enjoy!

"Ceremony" (New Order Cover live)

"The Headmaster Ritual" (The Smiths Cover live)

"Faust Arp" (Thom and Jonny singing on a hill)

"I Might Be Wrong" (live)

"Jigsaw Falling Into Place" (helmet camera video)

"Reckoner" (live)

"Bodysnatchers" (live)

"Videotape" (live)


Videos - Radiohead Live Webcast Performances