Edible Orchids

The Ginger Envelope, affiliated with a variety of notable Athens bands (Dark Meat, Venice is Sinking), have carved a welcome niche in the Athens music scene with their debut full-length, Edible Orchids. Matt Stoessel (who has also worked with Centro-matic, Summer Hymns, and Don Chambers' GOAT) shines on pedal steel, complimented beautifully by Patrick Carey's distinctly effortless vocal delivery. The opening tracks, "Care Take Her" and "Failsafe," are instantly inviting, leading into an album pleasantly reminiscent of the shimmery pop of Masters of the Hemisphere or the folk-tinged melodies of Red House Painters' "Old Ramon." Edible Orchids has a whimsical, carefree vibe - a fitting companion to the brilliant colors and lingering warmth of autumn. With such easy-breezy vocals and soothing riffs, these guys will definitely be on my lazy-day play list for months to come.

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Edible Orchids