Metric Release Live DVD

One of our favorite bands out there, Metric, have just announced that they are planning on releasing a live DVD this coming February. (Side note: we wish it were in time for Christmas.) The DVD, titled Live At The Metropolis, features Metric's sold out show at Montreal's Metropolis Concert Hall last fall and also will be host to three music videos.

Yeah, it sucks that we have to wait until February 12, but the good news is iTunes will be hosting an exclusive preview that will start the second week of December. You can watch it there for 99 cents, and you'll receive three live audio tracks from the concert ("Patriarch On A Vespa," "The Police And The Private" and "Too Little Too Late.")

Oh, and all of this isn't enough to make you wet your pants then listen to this. Metric will be heading back to the studio this winter to work on their fourth album!


From the Metropolis:
"Live it Out"
"Glass Ceiling"
"Wet Blanket"
"Too Little Too Late"
"Poster of a Girl"
"Patriarch on a Vespa"
"Monster Hospital"
"The Police and the Private"
"Hustle Rose"
"Combat Baby"
"Dead Disco"
"Love is a Place"

Music Videos:
"Monster Hospital"
"Poster of a Girl"


Metric Release Live DVD