One, One-Thousand

Release Date: 11.13.07

From the initial thump of "Pristine Fields," the beginning crackle of quixotic blitzkrieg from New York's House & Parish, ears immediately determine the magnificent possibilities from this great collision of boulders once flying high in the 90s indie rock orbit on asteroids named Texas Is The Reason, The Promise Ring and The Gloria Record.

Like Stevie Nicks dancing naked atop a Southwestern desert dune to the rustic sounds of My Morning Wallflowers, John Herguth's grainy vocals are as raspy as Springsteen after a three-hour set at Asbury. A throbbing gush of tranquility blows you back onto a comfy mattress of soothing relaxation during the instrument job "One, One-Thousand" as "Standardesque" rips like a silver wind through a cipher of trembling guitars that wave and ripple as if whipped by Kevin Shields.

This elastic debut from House & Parish is a clever stream of passion, garish with seductive curiosity.

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"Pristine Fields" MP3

House & Parish

One, One-Thousand