Sandwiches And Cats

Release Date: 11.13.07

He goes from making quips about 'Akeelah And The Bee' to reading a poem about whores. He recalls being mistaken for Screech and recites the commandments of delicious sandwiches. Michael Showalter is a connoisseur of off-beat humor. Showalter not only dishes out the bizarre on this album but seems to attract it as heard on 'Cats', a 5 minute spontaneous vent on a woman in the front row during the recording who thought it was kosher for her to bring her two cats to the show. Michael poses the question "Would you have brought your cats if this was A Long Day's Journey Into Night? "

There do seem to be a surprising number of dick jokes for a guy who is no doubt in McSweeny's inner circle, but they are forgiven due to originality. I mean when was the last time you heard a joke about a graveyard digger cleaning chunks of dead civil war soldiers off his penis because he uses his member as a shovel? That's what I thought. What about the one about the voiceover artist who can't keep his cool while delivering raunchy lines for an X-rated Apple Orchard commercial? Exactly.

The highlight of the album are a series of short stories concocted by Showalter that he introduces as his take on Adventure Journalism with a pinch of adult content, most notably 'Erotica'. Sans the spicy sex references they read like the plot of a Wes Anderson film, taking odd traumatic turns and filled with esoteric references. These desultory tales come complete with musical accompaniment that when paired with the spoken word can't help but sound a tad like Baz Luhrmann's 'Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)'….in a good way.


Sandwiches And Cats