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Freeload: Zs, "B Is For Burning"

In the everlasting search for endless repetition, we have been listening to Zs' new album Arm, from which the below freely downloadable "B Is For Burning" appears. Apparently we're not the only ones in need of some cyclical plinking, as Howard Stern spent a grip of time dissecting songs from Arms. For someone who harped on it pretty hard, he definitely jammed it on repeat, which is kinda suspect. Imagine Howard Stern chilling in the studio, oily hair glistening, he's like "do I have to talk about boobs and weiners again? I'm so sick of boobs and weiners. I want to talk about intelligence and feelings" and he sends an IM to Robin and she's like "Well we got this weirdo CD. I know you're on a Xenakis etudes kick lately, and they are kind of biters, so maybe we can rip on them?" and Howard just says "Bliss."

Download: Zs, "B Is For Burning"

Freeload: Zs, "B Is For Burning"