The Black And White Album

Release Date: 11.13.07

God bless the shit out of The Hives! With kegs of Red Bull pumping through the bodies of Sweden's best dressed meatballs, The Hives hold no fury back on The Black And White Album. Taking slight cues from young weirdoes assembling queer music with asexual robots in the basement of their parent's homes, The Hives shred through every colorful sound genre, pepper-spraying ears with a flashy mixture of Queen, Funkadelic and Motörhead that ultimately strikes like a birthday party surprise.

Nice reference to Pavlov's Dogs on "Try It Again," one of the stadium-crashing beams of excitement that absolutely smash asses into recyclable waste. The Kubrick instrumental romp through "Hive Manor" is an extra topping of queerness thrown in for the strange sake of Swedish insanity.

Considering the novelty sticker smacked across the face of these unsinkable Sweeds so many years ago, the deafening licks of enthusiastic vigor on this dazzling incarnation, is a welcomed piece of assistance in the reconfiguration of the great wall of rock and roll, which continues to crumble like Berlin 1989. Like The Stooges, Devo and The (International) Noise Conspiracy running towards the bulls in Pomplona, The Black And White Album is an unparalleled rocket of sorcery.

The Hives

The Black And White Album