BRMC Cranks Out Limited Edition EP

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club does not like to keep any unreleased tunes locked up for long. On December 4th fans will be able to purchase American X: Baby 81 Sessions, which will be available only at indie retail outlets. This comes on the heels of their latest album, Baby 81, and will feature a whopping seven new tracks. Head over to to see exactly where you'll be able to pick up this collection of tunes. The tracklisting is below:

American X: Baby 81 Sessions
01. "The Likes Of You"
02. "Vision"
03. "The Show's About To Begin"
04. "MK Ultra"
05. "Whenever You're Ready"
06. "20 Hours"
07. "Last Chance For Love"
08. "American X" (short film)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

BRMC Cranks Out Limited Edition EP