A Twisted Romp Through The Curious Mansion Of House & Parish

Audio. Video. Photo. Words by Jason Anfinsen

The story behind New York City's House And Parish has not been written yet. The characters and plot have been rolled out like a Hollywood red carpet. During the late 90s, much like the Rat or Brat pack, half of H&P strutted atop the fertile mountains of the independent music scene, planting individual flags of unique importance under the banners Texas Is The Reason and The Promise Ring.
There are, of course, other players in the band, who also knocked around in memorable indie outfits such as The Gloria Record and The Love Scene. So what now?

After a bumpy start, trying to lock down a whirlwind of musicians in a breakneck city such as New York, the cards in the House & Parish have finally been laid on the table. Scott Winegard, John Herguth, Brian Malone, Jason Gnewikow are the finalists of a revolving door of musicians that contributed to the prolific artisans dazzling new effort, One, One-Thousand. But all of that is clearly inked on the obligatory one-sheet that lightly attempts to unveil the unique picture of House And Parish, a portrait where the paint has yet to dry.

In October I watched two very different live sets from H&P at the CMJ 2007, both including former Rival Schools guitarist Ian Love, who in the relaxing confines of his Brooklyn studio, produced the EP. Chris Daly, formerly of Jets To Brazil, hit some of the skins on the record, and while it seems that the dudes have locked in their final roster, the plan of attack, the clear way to victory in this old game of all-star players on a new team, still remains as hazy as some shade of winter.

After performing a handful of shows the boys will embark on a two-week European tour with The Weakerthans in late November before returning to the States where they hope to sell their passionate and sophisticated rock gems to a wild-eyed batch of new admirers. If all goes well, and they reach the groove they each aspire to ascend to, then, the studio will be their next home while they assemble their full length masterpiece. Again, it seems so easy to write it like that, just like in the pre-conceived fairy tales, but is this one?

Rather than continue sifting around the past to splice together a pertinent story about the now, let us merely give you the bits and pieces that we have collected and let you see, hear and feel for yourself.

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A Twisted Romp Through The Curious Mansion Of House & Parish