Sleepy Eepee

Great Northern's Trading Twilight For Daylight happened to be one of the best sleeper albums to come out this year. It's sometimes hard for me to understand how bands like this get somewhat looked over in the musical community. Maybe its because instead of wearing tight white t-shirts and big goofy sunglasses, they opt to rely on making beautiful, well structured songs that stand the test of time.

On their newest release, Sleepy Eepee, the guys have finally given a proper release to their prequel to the aforementioned album. Keeping in tune of the album's title, the EP is full of soft and slow ballads, like "Radio" and "Summertime," that are sure to please. Channeling the ghost of Grandaddy on "This Is A Problem," Great Northern proves that they can create songs that are complex - moody yet uplifting.

The band is currently on tour, and the Sleepy Eepee EP is available on iTunes from now until February 2008, so make sure to pick it up soon. After that there will be a physical release, but really, who wants to wait until then for music that sounds like this?

"There Is A Problem"

Great Northern

Eenie Meenie

Sleepy Eepee