Alison Statton

Those of us who like our "Pop Music" to be melancholic slices of reality in the vein of (early) Belle & Sebastian, Field Mice, certain hilarious Mancunian Romanticists, and Galaxie 500 have been looking on aghast as the corpse of Joy Division and Gang Of Four has been raked up and thrust out to 23 years olds everywhere for the last few years. Whatever happened to the intelligent musings of the raincoated meloncholy sat in transport depots and coffee shops?

Look no further afield than the City known as Boston (I'm trying not to hold their locale against them) and the outfit known as Pants Yell! Poignant nuggets of brilliance that in no way insult your intelligence or seem like the kind of thing that will appeal to the Bloggerati are ensconced on the upcoming Alison Statton LP, to be released by tiny Soft Abuse Records in December 2007.

Think delicious jangle, low key sincere vocals, and thoughtful songwriting. Tracks like " For Dee" with it's lines about "My arms won't be vacant like the Downtown is", and " Two French Sisters" are irresistible trips into a world of rainy town centers, train stations, discovering coffee, and avoiding employment in favor of taking buses to second tier small City Museums. This is music that makes you nostalgic for that diner where you and your friends would hang out in before said friends bolted for greener pastures in bigger Urban centers. These songs soundtrack your solo trips to junk shops and hole in the wall book stores that will surely be gone by next year. Pants Yell! should be playing in your mind on snowy walks home from your job at the drug store, the year before you too head off to the New York Cities and the LA's in pursuit of a less idealistic existence.

Oh smart kids of Rust Belt towns, this is your music. Embrace it.

MP3 Download - "Magenta And Green"

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Alison Statton