Live - Ben Lee @ Gramercy Theatre | NYC

Last night on my way back from a seeing an up and coming band of work commitment, I stopped in to see how our old friend Ben Lee is doing. After being a bit disappointed the last time I saw him (end of Awake album tour, Irving Plaza, gold lamae suit, Dell commercial time, & all around "Kumbaya" vibe), I approached the ticket window of the Gramercy Theatre with a bit of trepidation. I plunked down my $21 dollars (yes, industry douches like myself still do pay if warranted (i.e.: I don't know his new manager), but hey it's Tuesday before the holiday and this guy has meant so much to me in my life the last bunch of years.

I am very happy to report that all is exceptionally well in Ben Lee land. The show was perfect. It was just Ben and a sidekick, Nicholas Johns (who looked very reminiscent of his old running mate McGowan), which really is the best way to see him perform. Ben did touches of all albums in catalog with a couple of covers (Against Me, & Aussie contenders, Silverchair). Great stage banter. Good natured - feisty mood and songs played with a sense of importance and commitment. The tracks from the new album Ripe blended perfectly in with his older classics. Yes, we can now call them classics as Ben is pushing 30 (that's right, we've know him for half his life - that's really weird isn't it??).

I am so pleased to be re-energized in an artist I have always loved. Give Ripe another spin and then drop Something To Remember Me By to make you feel great again.

Ben Lee


Live - Ben Lee @ Gramercy Theatre | NYC