Timewaste - Online Gallery Of Rave Flyers From Idaho

When you think of Idaho Falls, Idaho, you might not think of pill-poppin' rave madness. Blogger Jesse Walker from NewCityMovement proved me wrong by posting an amazing gallery of flyers from what he calls the "heart of darkest America" in the early '90s.

About the gallery, Walker said: "These little shit pieces of paper represent the time between 1992 and 1995 when a miraculous scene, conjured by designer Jared Gold arrived in the most unlikely place on earth - Idaho Falls, Idaho. It's also the story of how I got involved in deejaying and promoting parties, through helping Jared a little in Idaho and then for a year in Utah following his move here."

So go grab your favorite glow sticks that you've had hidden in your closet and enjoy this blast from the past. Thanks to BoingBoing for discovering this gem. Oonce oonce oonce oonce oonce oonce...

NewCityMovement Blog

Timewaste - Online Gallery Of Rave Flyers From Idaho