Kaki King Returns With Dreaming Of Revenge

Guitarist/songwriter Kaki King ha completed work on her latest album, Dreaming Of Revenge, which will hit stores on March 4 via the Velour Music Group. With her announcement, 2008 is already shaping up to be one great year for music. This time round she worked with Grammy Award-winning musician/producer Malcolm Burn, who has assisted musical greats such as Emmylou Harris, Peter Gabriel and Daniel Lanois.

About working with Burn, she said: "...it was also about really letting go and opening myself up to a producer who I needed to just trust. I absolutely knew after the first day in the studio that Malcolm was the right man for the job."

Apparently she focused more on her vocals and lyrics for Dreaming Of Revenge, making this her most accessible record to date. Hopefully we'll get to hear some new tunes soon. Keep on the lookout for Kaki King coming to a town near you, as she is currently plotting out an extensive 2008 tour.

Kaki King

Kaki King Returns With Dreaming Of Revenge