Ray Davies Prepares Sophomore Solo Album

The legendary Ray Davies has completed work on his sophomore solo album, Working Man's Cafe, which will be released by New West/Ammal Records on February 19, 2008. The proper follow-up to his debut solo album, Other People's Lives, shows the British songwriting icon (The Kinks) working with producer/engineer Ray Kennedy, who has also lent his talents to music from Fleetwood Mac and Steve Earle.

The focus of Davies' latest material revolves around the plight of the worker, making this his "American record." On the album he describes the changes he has witnessed in America since he first visited back in the '60s. This is definitely an album we're quite anxious to hear next year! Peep the tracklising below:

Working Man's Cafe
01. "Vietnam Cowboys"
02. "You're Asking Me"
03. "Working Man's Cafe"
04. "Morphine Song"
05. "In A Moment"
06. "Peace In Our Time"
07. "No One Listen"
08. "Imaginary Man"
09. "One More Time"
10. "The Voodoo Walk"
11. "Hymn For A New Age"
12. "The Real World"

Ray Davies Prepares Sophomore Solo Album