Sneak Peek At Jonny Greenwood's New Film Score

Good ol' Jonny Greenwood, the multi-instrumentalist genius from the frequently discussed Radiohead, has been working on his latest film score. This time it is for the the new Paul Thomas Anderson film, There Will Be Blood. Apparently, Paramount Vantage posted streams of two compositions from Greenwood, but promptly took them down. Now, movie blog Spout has a post that includes the two tracks, "Proven Lands" and "There Will Be Blood." Who knows how long they'll stay posted, so I'd hurry and give 'em a listen before a little legal action forces them to be removed.

Just a little movie FYI - There Will Be Blood is the fifth film from writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson, who also gave us Punch-Drunk Love, Magnolia, Boogie Nights and Hard Eight. Head over to the Paramount Vantage site for a full description on the upcoming flick.

Spout - Greenwood Audio Samples
Paramount Vantage

Sneak Peek At Jonny Greenwood's New Film Score