White Denim Cough Up Free Track

After knocking our socks off at this year's FADER Sideshow in the Big Apple, we've become uber-fans of Austin's White Denim. The trio has now become the latest to join up with the odd web experiment of RCRD LBL, a site that we've yet formed an opinion on. Regardless, free tunes are always a good thing, and you can now download the track "The World Is A Waiting Room" from the site.

This exclusive MP3 is part of their EP, which will feature a total of four songs, with a new track being released every month through February. Waiting that long to get all the tracks sucks just a bit, but hey, it is FREE, so quit yer bitchin'!

RCRD LBL - White Denim Download - "World As A Waiting Room"
White Denim

White Denim Cough Up Free Track