Dovecote Records Offers Free Holiday EP

Our good friends over at Dovecote Records have outdone themselves with their holiday gift this year. The five-song EP is available for free from the label's website, and it is truly something you'll have to see (and hear) to believe. Rather than just blasting out a sampler from the various artists on their outstanding roster, or perhaps having their bands record a few holiday tunes, these guys went in a totally different direction.

The world will never be the same now that Dovecote has introduced us to the magical vocal stylings of J. Gale Kilgore. This crazy fella from Big Spring, TX, offers up $19 song demos. Basically, you send him the lyrics and he does the rest. In a moment of pure genius, label guru Carter Matschullat decided to send Kilgore the lyics from five of his artists' songs, and the results speak for themselves. Trust me, you need to hear this.

J. Gale Kilgore Presents A Dovecote Christmas
01. "And As The Faucet Floods" (Don The Reader)
02. "Falling Tide" (Bad Veins)
03. "God Is Going To Get Sick Of Me" (Abderdeen City)
04. "My My (Bad Fruit)" (Mason Proper)
05. "Novel" (Tim Williams)

Dovecote Records

Dovecote Records Offers Free Holiday EP