It's the crack of dawn when I sit straight up in my bed to hear "King Wonder Wiffle and the Commencement of Batting Practice" echo through my invention shop. Excitedly I grab for a bowtie, overcoat, and my monocle en route to the steam lift to my giant air balloon. I get to the basket at the time "Larlie" starts to reverb in the skies. Winds might be an issue today. I pull the tails of eight baby dragons and their flames fill the patchwork bag ascending us upward. Over the hills where the "789er's" are toiling away with backs all hunched over, covered in oil and running on bourbon.

Yanking the tails to hasten the trip I must meet with my dear friend "Bionic Dolphin." He has a splendid idea of stopping off for a spot of tea and pastries. Being the Bionic Animal about town, Mr. P.T. Dolphin takes me to "The VIP Room" where exotic berries are eaten whilst exotic instruments are listened to. With our fill of tasty goodness we catch the "Chattanooga KooKoo" to the coast. Mr. Pontius Trembelter Dolphin shared his tribulations when the female he was courting, Ms. Qualinda Porpoise, had to meet "My Fucken Family." Troublesome indeed!

With our rail car containing spring loaded seats we are ejected in opposite directions as we tip our hats to each other. P.T Dolphin to hit the seas and promise his love that "We'll Have the Ocean," while I careened near the stables to eat ginger snaps with "Henry and the Horse." Quite a splendid day of jaunting about and enriching company I must say. On the way home some kids came to me asking for a copy of Listening. I'll never encourage kids to do drugs, but they were quite obviously on them anyway, so I gave them a copy to enjoy. Now to tend to my mushroom garden and my miniature elephant farm.


I had a chance to shoot Tony Mendoza over some questions about the band and what some of the qualities that defined the group were. Much like the above review, it was filled with much silliness and nuggets of truth.

Would you consider yourself more of a band with a fun stage presence or performers that built a band?

We are trying to musically embody the phenomenon of improvisers at parties doing bits instead of having a real conversation. Also like improvisers, we are terrified when someone plays dance music at a party.
This is because of the golden improv rule: Don't do dancing scenes.

Who would be a closer influence for your starting inspiration? Weird Al,
or The Rugburns?

The Rugburns were from San Diego. But also from San Diego around that time was Marshall Silver, the World's Fastest Hypnotist. I'd say he was more of an influence. Weird Al influenced me to drink from a fire hose.

A common irritating question that you get about the band?

"Why don't you guys just give up and take a bunch of pills and die?" - Jim Derogatis or "Where did the band name come from?" I asked for getting asked about the band name by naming the band something very stupid so I can't really complain. The truth is, there's no amazing story behind the band name. It came out of my mouth while I was in a van thinking of names for an album. I thought it would be obnoxious to name a band that. And it was/is. The wacky long band name thing seems to be plateauing/on-the-way-out so I'm preparing us for that adjustment. At least we didn't name ourselves Let's Wolf Get Out of This Terrible Sandwich Shop.

The next step you are looking to take with the band?

We're going to record with Greg Norman at Electrical Audio in January for a 7" that will include 3 songs and one comedy piece. I want to put out on brown vinyl. Hopefully it will be out next summer.

Your personal favorite song or bit to do on stage.

I like playing the Farfisa. It means I can jump around (BUT NOT DANCE! NEVER DO DANCING SCENES!). Being behind a drum kit is like being in a straightjacket...except you can use your arms. I guess straight shorts would be more accurate.

A question that you never got asked and you want asked. Then answer it.

Aren't you excited about the recent mp3 craze?
No. I don't like mp3s. Right now iTunes has mis-priced our album and labeled all the songs as explicit. Way to go, iTunes. I'm not crazy about what iPods have done to the musical landscape. It seems like listening to music has become a thing to do while you're doing something else, like almost getting hit by a car. "Hey! Watch out for me! I'm listening to tiny music on shitty headphones and texting my bonehead friends while walking in a street! I'm very now and today!" Why can't we just listen to music on our car phones like we used to?


"VIP Room" MP3

Let's Get Out Of This Terrible Sandwich Shop
Roydale Recording Company