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Every once in a while a band crosses our path that simply blows us the fuck away. It doesn't happen all that often, but there are those rare occasions when we hear something that punches us in the gut, making it immediately obvious that this is something special. This was the case with Bad Veins, a duo from Cincinnati that is making some of the best indie pop around.

Our discovery of Bad Veins happened from several sources. Literally in the span of 48 hours, a friend of ours gave us a copy of their demo CD while out to dinner, the next day a contact forwarded us a link to a live video of a Bad Veins performance, and then the next day they turned up on WOXY for a Lounge Act set. It became instantly clear: we must listen to Bad Veins.

Meet Ben Davis and Sebastien Schultz, the musicians that make up Bad Veins. The project actually started as a one-man band by Davis, who used his fifteen years of piano lessons and self-taught guitar and drum skills to create tracks up in his attic studio. The songs began to take shape, full of huge choruses with irresistible hooks. Once Davis realized that taking these songs to a live setting would be a bit challenging as a solo show, drummer Schultz stepped in and Bad Veins was born.

We can't forget to mention the band's third member, a 1973 Pioneer reel-to-reel tape recorder. This contains the keyboard parts that help keep Davis' hands free for the guitar, megaphone, etc. It should also be mentioned that his vocals are sung through an old-school telephone. So we've got two guys, a guitar, drum kit, reel-to-reel machine and a telephone. It may sound a bit odd, but we can tell you that the results are mind-boggling. After catching their set at Dovecote Records' showcase during CMJ, we were absolutely stunned.

Right now you can pick up tunes from Bad Veins in two ways. For starters, you can snag a couple of free MP3s over at RCRD LBL. They currently have "Gold And Warm" and "Afraid" up for grabs. MP3s are cool, but having a physical single is even better. You can order a 7" vinyl + CD single pack from the radical indie label Dovecote Records, featuring "Falling Tide" and "The Lie."

To get you a bit more familiar with these guys, check out our exclusive Bad Veins photo shoot. We'll have much more in the coming weeks, including some exclusive video footage. Stay tuned! Also, for our friends in the Chicago area, The Tripwire is presenting two shows with Bad Veins. Want tix? Win 'em here!

The Tripwire & ASCAP Present The Swimmers, Bad Veins, Smallwire
12.07.07 - Chicago, IL (Subterranean)

The Tripwire Presents The Swimmers, Bad Veins, Record Low
12.08.07 - Chicago, IL (Empty Bottle)

Photos by Roman Titus

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On The Cover - Bad Veins