Cold And Kind

The 1900's should be psyched. The band seems to be on the right track for greatness and being loved in the city that bears them and having released a stellar debut long player, Cold and Kind, the stars are certainly aligned for this Chicago based seven piece. The album, wrought with amazingly strong vocal harmonies by "the big three" of head songwriter Edward Anderson, virtuoso and nurse-by-day Caroline Donovan, and apparent break-dancer Jeanine O'Toole, is a strong testament to the bands ability to layer each song with the right dose of embellishment.

The intricate arrangements seamlessly flow in and out of the well crafted songs be it through strings, piano, brass or the myriad of keyboards and percussion. The long time spent adding these elements pays dividends in songs like the album's namesake "Cold and Kind" with its Zombies inspired sound, "The Medium Way" which sounds as rich as any Stevie Nicks fronted Fleetwood Mac song while showcasing drummer Tim Minnik, and "Acutiplanter Dude" that sounds like anything off the last two Belle and Sebastian records.

This collection of psychedelic folk-pop songs, perfectly produced by Graeme Gibson, is haunting and reflective, intimate and explosive. Every listen reveals something new and refreshing.

"When I Say Go" MP3

The 1900's

Cold And Kind