Download - Destroyer "Foam Hands"

On March 18, 2008 Merge's Destroyer will return on the scene with their eighth studio album, Trouble In Dreams. If the rest of the album is anything like the first single, "Foam Hands," then we bet there will be a lot of happy people out there. Download it yourself to see what we are talking about, otherwise you'll have to wait until Spring to hear the whole thing and see it live.
"Foam Hands" MP3

Trouble In Dreams

01. "Blue Flower/Blue Flame"
02. "Dark Leaves From A Thread"

03. "The State"

04. "Foam Hands"

05. "My Favorite Year"

06. "Shooting Rockets (From The Desk Of Night's Ape) "

07. "Introducing Angles"

08. "Rivers"

09. "Leopard Of Honor"

10. "Plaza Trinidad"

11. "Libby's First Sunrise"


Download - Destroyer "Foam Hands"