Fill Up The Room

For three weeks straight, from the first time Saturday Looks Good To Me's latest effort hit rotation until now I've been treated to a long weekend of apathetic, psychedelic, indie-pop. They've been known, since '99, for applying that lo-fi oldies sound fairly well, and their 7th album is no different - an adorably vintage listen. As if taking a cue from the album's title, Fill Up The Room is nearly overflowing with reverb and echo, sometimes making even Phil Spector's handywork seem flat. The Motown influence hits heavy on tracks like "Peg" and "Apple," and they seem eager to pick up steam and have you clapping along on "Edison Girls" and "Money In The Afterlife."

I think where Saturday Looks Good To Me shines most though, is in their ability to put together tightly crafted pop songs that have you embracing that lazy stoner in you. Never is this more present than on "Make A Plan," a track that captures perfectly that warm fuzzy feeling of a joint in the afternoon, crashing on the couch during the weekend. Personally, I can't get Belle and Sebastian's Boy With The Arab Strap out of my head when I listen to the majority of this album. The easy pop tracks of each seem like cousins, though where Belle and Sebastian is your soft-hearted romantic, Saturday Looks Good To Me is your happy go lucky daytripper. And while the relation shows through on tracks like "The Americans" and "Hands In The Snow," it's obvious that they're distant cousins when SLGTM ups the wattage a bit. "When I Lose My Eyes" is a perfect example in kicking a step up with chugging guitars and rattling drums that kick in after an ambient instrumental build up. They even chop up the end with a little power stomping, distorted reverb pouncing over drum thrashes. I'm going to take a guess and say that's probably a live act ender.

As far as indie pop goes, Fill Up The Room is a solid effort that sits right atop the wall of sound, a place SLGTM seems very comfortable at.

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Fill Up The Room