The Foxboro Hot Tubs = Green Day???

Over the weekend a website promoting an EP from the band Foxboro Hot Tubs surfaced on the interwebs. At first listen, something sounded a bit familiar, but it took a little online investigating to confirm our initial reactions, as this sounds just a bit like as if Green Day had started listening to The Kinks.

Various chat rooms and message board posts were chock full of opinions, but they all pointed to Green Day, as certain members of the pop-punk group are rumored to be Foxboro Hot Tubs. Now, exactly WHICH members are participating has yet to be confirmed, but it is pretty obvious that at least Billie Joe Armstrong seems to be involved, as the vocals are dead on.

For die hard Green Day fans, you might recall that this is not the first time that Green Day has experimented with testing music under different name. They released "Money Money 2020" under the name The Network a while back. The cool thing about the recently posted EP from The Foxboro Hot Tubs is that you can download the entire EP, Stop Drop And Roll, for free from their website. Go get it!

Foxboro Hot Tubs

The Foxboro Hot Tubs = Green Day???