Bonde Do Role Announce Marina's Split

After hearing rumors for a while now about the state of Bonde Do Role, the band made an announcement late yesterday afternoon about the status of themselves. In it they address why they had to cancel the scheduled Australian tour, as well as stating that Marina is no longer a part of the band. You can read their message in full here:

We're getting a lot of messages to know what's going on with us... some of the emails are really nice, some others are angry/disappointed (and we totally agree with you guys!) and some others are just spam, as usual. We just thought it'd be nice to hear from us what's really going on... and here it goes:

Due to several internal problems between us, we had to cancel a lot of our shows from the European tour and we also had to cancel the scheduled Australian tour (everyone knew how excited we were about it!), for that we're really really sorry. We also announce that Marina is no longer with us, due to these internal problems. We wish her all the best in whatever she decides to do with her future and that she can always count on us as friends.
We are working these issues right now as we speak and we hope we can make it up to everyone who we let down this year, in the most awesome way we can!

Thanks everyone for reading and stay tuned for the next chapters!

DJ Gorky and Pedro.

Bonde Do Role

Bonde Do Role Announce Marina's Split