Sigur Ros Announce Six US Heima Screenings

Sigur Ros' recently released documentary, Heima, is a film that we still need to see. The trailer looks stunning, following the band as they performed a series of free concerts all over their homeland of Iceland in 2006. While watching it on DVD will be great, seeing it on the big screen is even better.

The band has announced six theatrical screenings in the US, allowing fans to see Heima in a proper setting. The screenings are all coming up in the next week, so check and see if one is happening near you.

Heima Screenings
12.18.07 - San Francisco, CA (Embarcadero Center Cinema)
12.18.07 - Denver, CO (Chez Artiste)
12.19.07 - Boston, MA (Kendall Square Cinema)
12.19.07 - Atlanta, GA (Midtown Art Center)
12.20.07 - Austin, TX (Dobie Theatre)
12.20.07 - Seattle, WA (Metro Cinemas)
Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros Announce Six US Heima Screenings