The Tripwire Holiday Gift Guide

If you're like us, you are starting to panic over finding gifts for the holidays before the 25th gets much closer. We've been keeping an eye out for some cool items on the interwebs that might make for a rad gift.

Genealogy Of Pop/Rock Music Art Print - $33 at HistoryShots
This reproduction of Reebee Garofalo's Genealogy of Pop/Rock Music chart would be a treat for any fan. It covers music from 1955 to 1978, including more than 700 artists and 30 genres. Consider this the blueprint for what we enjoy today. This would look rad in any media room or office.

iPod Hoodie - $22 at iPodHoodie
Remember when the first generation of iPods came out and the cool accessory was the iPod sock? We've found something even cooler: the iPod hoodie. It is compatible with all iPods, but get your order on quickly, as these ship from the UK.

Music Snob T-Shirt - $10 at Threadless
For the snottiest music snob on your list, this t-shirt is a must. It simply reads: "I listen to bands that don't even exist yet." Briliant!

Cassette To MP3 Converter - $150 at Hammacher Schlemmer
Even though the days of the true mixtape, on CASSETTES, is long gone, that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy those that have been wasting away in a box somewhere in your closet. Transfer those suckers over to MP3, dump them on your iPod and relive the magic!

The BritBox CD Set - $65 at Amazon
This four-disc set is a great compilation of some of the finest moments from the era of Britpop and shoegaze. You'll get hour upon hour of great tunes from the UK, ranging from Lush's "For Love" to "Sale Of The Century" from Sleeper.

USB Warmer Gloves (via Productdose) - $25 at Rare Mono Shop
Tripwire HQ is friggin' cold. The office is drafty, so whenever a cold front rolls through, we definitely feel it. Although we might feel a little silly wearing these things, the USB Warmer Glove might help fight off a bit of the chill. Plug these gloves into the USB port of your trusty computer and warm up those digits so you can keep on blogging away.

Wi-Fi Detector Shirt - $30 at Think Geek
If you're an internet geek, be proud and show it off by wearing this insane Wi-Fi detector shirt. Yes, glowing bars on the front light up as the strength of the surrounding signal increases. It probably won't help you get a date, but hey, ya never know!

All Kinds Of Handmade Stuff - Etsy
If you're really stumped, head over to the Etsy website, which is chock full of great handmade stuff that will fit just about anybody on your list. From original pieces of art to clothing and notepads made out of floppy discs or a big foot magnet. You can easily spend hours on this one.

Factory Records: Complete Graphic Album (book) - $23 at Amazon
For the Factory Records fan on your list, they will go bananas over this one. In fact, somebody please buy this one for me! This hardcover book is a collection of rare record sleeves, club flyers and posters from throughout the history of Factory Records. It features the works of Peter Saville, Den Kelly, Mark Farrow, 8VO and Barbara Kruger.

USB Desk Fridge - $32 at USB Geek
After searching through various tech/geek sites, we found this rad USB mini fridge and heater. This little fridge connects directly to your laptop for power, and can cool down a beverage or warm one up in about five minutes. A can of soda fits perfectly, and we'd assume that a cup of coffee would fit nicely as well. It is only $32, which really ain't that bad.

Reclaimed Billboard Laptop Bag - $65 at Uncommon Goods
Now this is a great idea. Roadside billboards can be fugly eyesores, and the PVC vinyl they are printed on makes penguins cry as their icebergs continue to melt away. Do something constructive with the billboards with these really sweet laptop bags. They're sturdy, waterproof, and one of a kind.

Radiohead Box Set - £39.99 to £79.99 at the Radiohead Store

A little late to the world of Radiohead? Want to snag all of their records at one time? In case you somehow never purchased their earlier albums, you will be able to snag a CD box set with Pablo Honey, The Bands, OK Computer, Kid A, Amnesiac, I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings and Hail To The Thief for £39.99. Or, you can snag a 4 gig USB stick containing all of the albums. The USB stick will be shaped as the well-known Radiohead bear image, which will feature CD quality WAV files as well as the album artwork. As tempting as this version of the box set may be, it will set you back a whopping £79.99.

The Tripwire Holiday Gift Guide