Moby Returns With Last Night

With his upcoming new album, it looks like Moby found his lost pair of glow sticks and opted to revisit his old club scene days. Last Night, which will be released here in the States on March 11, apparently contains a mix of Euro-disco, rave, old school hip-hop and chilled-out ambient cuts as well. What, no thrash metal or country? With this many musical influences, it should be interesting to hear if it comes across as a coherent album or simple a messy compilation of various dance tunes.

The randomness of Last Night stems from Moby's youth in the NYC club scene back in the '80s. About those days, he said: "The DJs would be playing hip-hop and freestyle and dancehall reggae and house music and weird electronic music. It was just an open, amazing time. I feel really, really grateful to have come of age musically during that time." Ol' Moby has never been predictable, so you never know when he is going to drop a record that is actually quite good. We'll keep an open mind until this new LP is in our hands. He got Grandmaster Caz to rap on the album, so maybe it'll be a good one after all!


Moby Returns With Last Night