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Yeah Yeah Yeahs Are Free And New

May 03, 2007

Our old friends the Yeah Yeah Yeahs just blasted the internet with a cryptic demand for darkly dressed young folks to join them at Glasslands Gallery next Monday to be filmed during a double performance of their new EP (say whaah??). The second performance is "Girls Only." Weird and awesome. Check all the details after the jump (updated straight from venue!), and dudes, don't do that tuck thing just to see the second show. Karen will destroy you for shit like that.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs music video st GlassLands:

2 shows

7:00pm Men and Women (100 free all ages tickets available)

10:00pm Only Women (100 free all ages tickets available)

To get a ticket you must show up at GlassLands between 5-5:30 the first 200 people will get a free ticket, you cannot send someone in your place. If you show up anytime after that you WILL be turned away. We are a small space. Do not show up at 7:00 or 10:00 if you do not have a ticket! No joke you WILL be turned away and there will be no hanging around on the streets either.

We love you but we can only fit what we can fit. We also want to stick around for a while and not piss off our neighbors with tons of people on the streets so please be respectful of the guidelines. If you can't get into this one we promise to have many more awesome shows in the future that you WILL get into.

The GlassLands


Glasslands Gallery

289 Kent Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11211

(between South 1st and South 2nd)

Gallery Number: 718 599-1450

Route: L Train to first stop Bedford Ave

JMZ To Marcy

Posted: May 03, 2007
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Are Free And New