Sing-Sing Move On To New Projects

Although they didn't quite get the acclaim that Lush did, Sing-Sing was a great group that rose out of Lush's ashes. Emma and Lisa created various singles and two albums under the Sing-Sing moniker, 2001's The Joy of Sing-Sing and 2005's Sing-Sing And I. Now, after being together for ten years, the duo has decided to call it quits.

In a statement from Emma and Lisa they shed light on the subject saying, "In 2006 Emma moved to Brighton, East Sussex where she is involved in music publicity and last year Lisa wed her long-term partner Run Wrake, moved to the Kent countryside and is enjoying her newly found freedom as a mum and freelance graphic designer. Even Mark van Hoen, our erstwhile producer, is moving to the USA later in 2008. As for the future musically? Well, never say 'never'...... Emma has some plans regarding her next move."

If you haven't heard Sing-Sing before, you can still pick up some of the music through January 31 via their shop. The site will shut down though at the end of the month.


Sing-Sing Move On To New Projects