Unofficial Radiohead Remix Project Gets Shut Down

We have been reading about the upcoming remix project by Amplive for a little while now. The California remix artist was going to tackle Radiohead's In Rainbows with his own eight track project titled Rainydayz Remixes. He had enlisted the help of some pretty hefty guests to appear on the project, including Too Short, MC Zumbi, Del The Funky Homosapien and others.

Well, the folks over at Radiohead's publisher, Warner/Chappell, aren't too pleased. They blasted Amplive a good ol' cease & desist letter, which put the upcoming January 10th release on hold. The hip hop remixer posted a video response to the cease & desist, where he mentions that if Radiohead could just listen to Rainydayz Remixes, they would approve of his work. In fact, he acknowledges that it most likely has nothing to do with the band at all.

Although it is a bit shitty, it shouldn't be much of a surprise to see Warner/Chappell step in to hault the release of this. Check out Amplive's plea via YouTube below.

Update: Gigwise has a few answers as to why this all went down. For starters, Amplive used an image of Thom Yorke on his website, which management viewed as endorsing the frontman's involvement. Since Yorke had nothing to do with the album, and most likely has not even heard of it, this created a problem.

Manager Bryce Edge said: "A main problem was that he (Amplive) did a cut and paste of a photo of Thom and put it on his website which inferred he was involved in the project. When we heard that you had to send a confirmation email from W.A.S.T.E to get the album, we thought 'That's a bit naughty!'

"It wasn't a case of someone simply posting some remixes on a website, he was suggesting that the band were involved and that's why the publishers decided to take this action."

"Amplive had never even come to the band telling them about his idea, which would have been nice. I know he had good intentions, but I just think he's misled people."

Apparently the band will be discussing this issue next week, so maybe... just maybe... Amplive will eventually get to release the album.


Unofficial Radiohead Remix Project Gets Shut Down