Video - Eat Sugar "Sixteen"

Although at times it seems that the electro-punk genre gets a bit played out, occasionally a new entry into that world is worth taking a look at. We've been hearing about Cincinnati's Eat Sugar for a little while now, mainly due to the airplay of their track "Sixteen" on the online radio outlet WOXY.

The group is comprised of Aldan Bogosian on vocals, Jim Reynolds on bass and keys, Erin Proctor on keys and Greg Poneris on drums. They will be releasing a self-titled EP very soon, but you can get an early sample by checking out the video for "Sixteen" below. It is catchy as hell, and if the rest of the EP is as fun as this track, they could very well be a band to watch out for in '08.


Eat Sugar

Video - Eat Sugar "Sixteen"