Rademacher isn't a household name yet, but the Fresno group seems to relish in keeping it that way. Since 2004 the band has remained deep in the DIY underbelly, and stayed true to their intentions; self-releasing, self-producing, self-recording and self-distributing their work. Along the way they have managed to share the stage with acts ranging from John Vanderslice to Silversun Pickups. All that hard work has not gone unrewarded, as on their debut LP the group has decided to add Earlimart's Aaron Espinoza to the mix, having him record their album. The difference is subtle, and works well.

The first song that really grabs your attention on Stunts is the single "If U Got Some Magic," which features an upbeat piano and a sing along chorus in the vein of a rougher Arcade Fire. "What YR Used To Back At Home" and "Today Is Different" follow the same formula proving that if it isn't broken then you don't have to fix it. On the slower end of the spectrum is opener "Arkansas" and closer "Letter From Fresno, CA."

This band may hail from sunny California, but don't let that fact make you assume their music is just like every other SoCal band of the week. Rademacher keeps the tone lo-fi, DIY and indie enough to quench the hipster's thirst (look at the song titles - they use text messaging spelling), yet interesting to attract a more grown up crowd too.

If U Got Some Magic" MP3