The Duke Spirit Plan April Release

The last time we heard from UK's The Duke Spirit, the band was in search of their missing gear. Now, well over a year later, the group is back with a brand new album that is slated to come out April 8 via the newly formed Shangri-La Music. The new release, Neptune, was written in England and recorded in Joshua Tree, CA with producer Chris Goss (Queens of the Stone Age).

01. "I Do Believe"
02. "Send A Little Love Token"
03. "The Step And The Walk"
04. "Dog Roses"
05. "Into The Fold"
06. "The Ship Is Built To Last"
07. "Wooden Heart"
08. "You Really Wake Up The Love In Me"
09. "My Sunken Treasure"
10. "Lassoo"
11. "Neptune's Call"
12. "Sovereign"

Duke Spirit

The Duke Spirit Plan April Release